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  • Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
  • Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
  • Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
  • Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
  • Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
  • Vitamin D3 Oral Spray

Vitamin D3 Oral SprayVitamin D3 Oral Spray

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Vitamin D3 oral spray nourishes body with ample amount of Vitamin D3 which strengthens bones and eliminates risk of developing osteomalacia, a life-threatening condition that occurs due to a severe weakening of the bone structure. It’s also essential for the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D3 supplements have become crucial in order to counter the effects of deficiency of Vitamin D.


Due to very limited exposure to sunlight combined with unhealthy and imbalanced food diet we do not get sufficient amount of Vitamin D3 in our daily life and thus around 50% of world's population has become Vitamin D3 deficient. People who are older or are housebound more vulnerable to vitamin D deficiency

Deficiency of Vitamin D may cause serious medical conditions such as

Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorous in your body which is essential to build bones, joints and healthy tissues.


Nutrixer’s Vitamin D3 Oral Spray – Product Description

Nutrixer’s Vitamin D3 Oral Spray is an efficient formula that helps combat vitamin D deficiency. It combines a range of health benefits with the precise composition of essential nutrients and ingredients. It helps regulate calcium and phosphate absorption in food to leverage better health functions. The oral spray provides the optimal dosage for all age groups to nourish health patterns significantly. Every single spray offers vitamin D in macro-sized droplets. It coats and permeates the soft tissue of the inner cheek and passes the essential nutrients in the vein system.


    • Vitamin D3 600 IU

Vitamin D3 comes to play an integral part in several body functions. Importantly, it regulates the amount of phosphate and calcium in the body that further keeps teeth, bones, and muscles healthy. Vitamin D deficiency can cause multiple health issues such as cardiovascular issues, depression, cancer, and weight gain.

Benefits of Using Nutrixer’s Vitamin D3 600 IU Oral Spray

There are countless health advantages of using Nutrixer’s Vitamin D3 Oral Spray regularly:

    • It ensures the normal functioning of the immune system.

    • It helps normalize the absorption of phosphate and calcium.

    • Promotes bone health

    • Improves teeth and muscle health

    • Improves mood

    • Alleviates inflammation

    • Promotes heart function

    • Healthy pregnancy

    • Reduces the risks of flu

Instructions for Usage

As per usage guidelines, it is enough to intake up to 3-4 sprays daily to overcome daily requirements. Make sure to shake the formulation well before every usage. However, you can control the amount of dosage as per the physician’s prescriptions.

Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
gluten free
Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
low trans fat
Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
no GMO
Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
no heavy metal
Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
sugar free
Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
100% veg


Vitamin D3 Oral Spray
  • The Vitamin D3 Oral spray is effective even if one has poor intestinal absorption as the soft tissues of the mouth can physically ingest vitamin D. Promotes bone, teeth & muscle health.

  • Vitamin D is necessary for quick and effective immune response.

  • Nutrixer’s Vitamin D3 Oral spray helps in promoting heart functions.

  • Vitamin D intake can help in controlling the functioning of the cells lining your blood vessels.


These are all extracted from non-GMO herbal sources and are high in antioxidants and essential minerals. In addition to this, it is hormone-free, gluten-free, and non-addictive.

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