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  • Daily Iron Oral Spray
  • Daily Iron Oral Spray
  • Daily Iron Oral Spray
  • Daily Iron Oral Spray
  • Daily Iron Oral Spray
  • Daily Iron Oral Spray

Daily Iron Oral SprayDaily Iron Oral Spray

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Many individuals want to take nutritious health supplements, but they often find the it nasty and with indigestion problems. Therefore, providing them with the flavoured and nutritious oral spray of iron is an essential build-up.

Taking the iron supplement in form of tablets or capsules increases the ill-effect of digestive tracts by causing constipation. However, the daily oral spray helps in the proper absorption of nutrients in your body. Also, it is convenient at its best, considering the pandemic we are in.


The nutritional supportive health supplement is having all the nutritional values including carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The oral spray is initially formulated to provide major nutrients directly into the mouth. The tiny droplets absorb quickly, providing fast nutrients.


The flavoured oral iron spray comes in a variety of refreshing flavours with natural sweetener with a health benefits. But the supplement isn’t preferred for individuals having diabetes, as it contains sweetening agents. The daily intake of  iron supplement spray has optimal absorption starting from mouth  till its proper digestion and absorption.




The need of iron in the body is  a well proven fact, that for proper functioning of the human body and its immune system it is necessary. Thereby, the spray provides you with  an adequate amount of iron as required on an average daily basis to the body also it is available in variety of flavours.



    • Start the spray with spraying 3 times for getting the liquid flow

    • Initially, 3-4 sprays a day should be taken

    • Shake the bottle well before using the spray

    • Use the product within 6 months

    • Don’t overdose

    • Don’t use the supplement as a substitute of daily diet



    • Provides you more energy

    • Immunity Booster

    • Supportive to the nervous system

    • Prevent indigestion

    • Aids normal formation of Red Blood Cells




Take 3-4 sprays per day as supplemental nutrition and give to children under the prescription of a doctor. If an individual is having diabetes, it is highly recommended not to take the sweetened oral spray, there are plain iron sprays also.

Daily Iron Oral Spray
gluten free
Daily Iron Oral Spray
low trans fat
Daily Iron Oral Spray
no GMO
Daily Iron Oral Spray
no heavy metal
Daily Iron Oral Spray
sugar free
Daily Iron Oral Spray
100% veg


Daily Iron Oral Spray
  • Oral Spray with Iron Aids in the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion.

  • Regular consumption will help in normal red blood cell formation.

  • Helps in enhancing the nervous system.

  • Enhances sports performances and other physical activities.

  • Use Daily Iron Oral Spray to avoid stomach problems.


These are all extracted from non-GMO herbal sources and are high in antioxidants and essential minerals. In addition to this, it is hormone-free, gluten-free, and non-addictive.

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